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What Makes Working with me special? 

Choosing to work with V2L is a big deal! We understand just what is needed for your business to succeed.  Our newly revamped process ensures that our clients are informed throughout the entire project.  We educate, guide, and uplift our clients.  We go above and beyond to bring our client's visions to life.

All Packages Include: SSL Certificates for Website Protection, Social Media Integration, and Search Engine Optimization

  • WIX 

  • Consultation

  • Brand Review

  • up to 3-page Website Design

  • Forms - 2

  • 30-day Complimentary Maintenance

  • WIX

  • Consultation

  • Brand Review

  • up to 8-page Website Design

  • Domain Registration

  • Device Compatibility

  • Forms - 4

  • Organized Gallery

  • Payment Gateway Setup

  • 30-day Complimentary Maintenance

  • WIX/WP

  • Consultation

  • Brand Review

  • up to 20-page Website Design

  • Domain Registration

  • Device Compatibility

  • Forms - 6

  • Organized Gallery

  • Payment Gateway Setup

  • 90-day Complimentary Maintenance




Are you wondering what's next after you have your platforms published?  Our Marketing packages are suited for businesses who are trying to expand their reach.  If you would like to take your business to the next level, we have a marketing package for you.

  • Email Marketing

  • Google Analytics

  • Flyer

  • Business Cards

  • News-Letters

  • Social Media Ads

  • Content Marketing

  • Vendor Setup Package


Our team of graphic designers is waiting for you with open arms.  We have a keen eye for high-quality graphics and logos.  We understand that your first impression is usually visual.  We want to help your clients see your vision and feel inspired and trustworthy.  

  • Logo Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Digital Media Audit

  • Brand Photo Shoot 

  • Professional Photo Shoot

  • Update Print Media



We understand that you will need to reach your clients on many social media platforms.  It is essential to building relationships. You won't have to worry about the hassle, because we have platform creation services.

  • Social Media Creation

  • App Development

  • Google Business 

  • Payment Gateway

  • E-commerce

Platform Management

Managing your own business can become hectic. Ask us about our platform management service. We understand that there are many roles to be filled within a company.  If you are stretching yourself thin, please allow us to free up some of your time.

  • Web Maintenance Packages

  • Social Media Management

  • App Maintenance

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